The Car Drive Home

In order to give a background on myself and why I decided to write a blog, we should start with a story that doesn't have a good beginning; nor ending for that matter. Overall it's just terrible, but it's from terrible things that we are shaped into our truest self.

So my story about how I got to where I am today starts with coming home from work one day. It was a normal Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, it wasn't remarkable at all. I had started my job at Starbucks as a manager in training after having a great interview with a recruiter from corporate,  and was optimistic about my future. Someday I would actually be taking over my own store. For now I just have to learn the ins and outs of the business, learn the differences between Americanos, espresso, latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, and the recipes on how to alter the base version of each drink. The job itself was actually a lot of fun. I got to speak to regular customers very often and learn their stories. There was a gentleman who always came in for an English Breakfast Latte because the taste reminded him of growing up, from which I assumed was somewhere in England because he had a thick British accent. There was a woman who came daily for lunch and sat in the cafĂ© and refused to ever have a paper cup. She always wanted a ceramic one from the store, which you actually get a discount for because its considered bringing your own cup, and she had saved over $104 but "Who was counting?" she had joked. She actually didn't want to use paper cups because she came so frequently that it would be a tremendous waste. After her first refill she would usually be open to talking if the store was slow. During early morning and lunch we had serious rush hours, so if there was a slow time and we were all caught up with restocking and back on track with rotation we would always have a conversation. I had always known I was a people person, this job just brought it out in me. By the end of my shift, I got an iced peach green tea lemonade, light on the lemonade, with a splash of lime base for the lime refreshers we had at the time back in 2017. 

I got in my car, put on my Spotify, turned up the music because "Chained to the Rhythm" was the first on my playlist, lowered the windows because it was a beautiful March day in San Francisco with a temperature no higher than 62 degrees and low humidity. It was around 2PM so the fog hadn't come rolling in yet. I parked about 2 blocks away from where I was living at the time. When I went to get out of the car, my heart was pounding harder than usual. My fitbit was telling me that my HR was 160, which I had no idea was so high because I knew nothing about cardiology or exercise. Gym class in highschool only taught us how to be excluded from sports if we didn't like them and to just run, or walk as everybody did, laps instead. My gripe with the failure of educating youth about their physical health and the importance of it is an entirely different story for another time though, just know that I don't blame my teachers because I know they actually tried to teach us things. The school, the curriculum, the board of education, and the State, however,  didn't. They failed us. Anyway, as I opened the door to get out of the car, I was profusely sweating and gasping for air. I was on all fours as I vomit in the street when the realization hit me: something is wrong. 

Just the beginning

 Hi everybody, 

    I wanted to give a little preview of what the blog will look like. As far as themes go, I picked this basic one and am using Blogger from Google to help manage everything. I still have to learn all of the publishing tools and editing and whatnot, but in the meantime I'll be writing posts on my computer to post every few days.

    I thought a bit about what would be the best way to start off a blog, where in my life would be the best place to begin, what kind of content and how social if should be, etc. In the end, I think it would be best to allow comments so people can leave their thoughts publicly (I'll be leaving a private email at the bottom of the blog once I figure out how so people can contact my directly) and to start with current day content; where I am, how I am doing, what is going on with my health, and why I suddenly decided to write a blog and publish my life for public viewing. I'm still going to figure out a schedule and try to stick to it, health permitting, and occasionally I'll post a story that doesn't follow a timeline. Most importantly, thank you for taking this journey and reading this so far.