Just the beginning

 Hi everybody, 

    I wanted to give a little preview of what the blog will look like. As far as themes go, I picked this basic one and am using Blogger from Google to help manage everything. I still have to learn all of the publishing tools and editing and whatnot, but in the meantime I'll be writing posts on my computer to post every few days.

    I thought a bit about what would be the best way to start off a blog, where in my life would be the best place to begin, what kind of content and how social if should be, etc. In the end, I think it would be best to allow comments so people can leave their thoughts publicly (I'll be leaving a private email at the bottom of the blog once I figure out how so people can contact my directly) and to start with current day content; where I am, how I am doing, what is going on with my health, and why I suddenly decided to write a blog and publish my life for public viewing. I'm still going to figure out a schedule and try to stick to it, health permitting, and occasionally I'll post a story that doesn't follow a timeline. Most importantly, thank you for taking this journey and reading this so far. 


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Ian said...

Can’t wait to follow your journey