Spoon Theory: why do people with chronic illness get tired so easily ?

Another of the questions in the top three of what I get asked most often. There's two versions of the answer: one simple, one much more complex. Simply put, it's energy. I get tired very easily. 
Imagine, in a style much to my entertainment, a video game. When you create your character and are finished customizing the appearance, you begin the game with full health and an energy bar that has a maximum of 100%. Your energy bar slowly replenishes itself over time when your character isn't doing anything. Next, you play the game on hard difficulty and get a debuff that reduces your maximum energy to only 75%, and another that increases the energy cost of all activities. Imagine now that things like waking up cost 5% energy, eating costs 10%, bathing/showing cost 20%, exercise costs a whopping 40%. These little bits may seem manageable, but you chose the game in hard difficulty so you regenerate energy at a slower rate too. Not a good night sleep ? You restart the next day with -10%. Feeling sick? -25%. Overexerted yourself the previous day and spent all of your energy leaves you with -15% for the next 3 days. It suddenly becomes less of a game where you can do anything to improve your character and you're stuck in this limbo just to survive day by day and not feel bad. 

Anyway, I hope you never chose hard difficulty. For more information, look up what is referred to as "spoon theory" by professionals and people with chronic illness. See you Monday. 

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