Welcoming New Questions & a message

I'll keep today's blog post short and simple, and want to encourage anybody with other questions I can use as writing prompts to submit them via the form at the bottom of the page. 

My biggest interest is probably medical research. I think we live a country where most people have never needed to participate in a clinical trial and therefore have never read about what they entail, the methods for collecting and analyzing said data, or the years necessary to conduct studies that are created for the improvement of medical treatment. In college I took several classes on psychological research dtufies had to practice writing research proposals, and the acceptable standard of error between a psychological study and a medical clinical trial is .04. I'll try to wrap this up without going off on a tangent but it's incredibly important for the world and society to participate in medical research, because without it, there will be no progress. Many privately funded studies and NHS funded studies are listed and and cataloged at clinicaltrials.gov if you want to give that a glance. I highly recommend it. I'll have more for you readers on Thursday. 

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