July 2, 2018
My dad and brother arrive and take a taxi to where I live. They pack everything into my car as we're preparing to drive from San Francisco to New Brunswick, NJ. I'm supposed to be going to Robert Wood Johnson and go in through the ER, where they'll no doubt admit me for heart failure and then the transplant surgeon will look for me under the patients under the rotation list. That's the plan, and since Dr. Pham arranged it, I trusted it. It wasn't his first choice, because I was supposed to go to Drexel's hospital, Hahnemann. Dr. Pham knew the chief of cardiology there from annual transplant conferences, but their low number of patients cost them funding which, in turn, cost them their renewal money for licensing as a UNOS heart transplant center. 
I said goodbye to my friend who owned the house, Mary, and my other housemates Sebastian & his brother Christopher. I left behind several things that either were too large or just not a priority over what else would fit in the car. I'm hoping to this day that somebody appreciated my cologne collection because I had a very fine one. 
The drive to NJ was either 3 or 4 days long. My brother and dad complained how cold the car was, and always were wrapped in blankets or wearing hoodies, despite outside in some of the areas we crossed being in the 100s. Inside I needed the car to be cold because it helps me breathe easier. Even to this day I thrive in the cold and suffer greatly when it's hot or even warm outside. Each night we stopped at a hotel so they could sleep because they wouldn't let me drive. The only good thing about the road trip was my cat lying on my chest the entire ride. Fast forward a few days and we arrive to RWJ, where I could tell nobody talked to each other on their cardiology team. 

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