Despite our best efforts, there are those around us we love when we know we shouldn't. When I was younger, somebody told me thst if you truly love something, "You need to let it go.". My life has felt like that more and more recently. No matter my intentions, I just end up hurting the people I once/cared about. That's a painful juxtaposition to write and even put in words. 
"people I once/cared about"
Do we still care for them, despite the pain they have caused us ? Or perhaps we once cared for them and found the strength to pull away from the tears, the agony, the pain. 
When I was in college, my ex told me a phrase that stuck with me forever, and it's always been true and I could never figure out why. "We are broken glass."
That's it. 
No explanation was needed. You can take a million little shards and fit them back together, cutting and bleeding in the process, or you can appreciate the beauty that something once was. So, I ask you, dear reader, what is more important?  The attempt of putting the glass back together, despite all the pain it will cause, you can glue it and it will be whole but with visible cracks and scars. Or is it more important to cut the losses where they are, and when the glass shattered, keep the memory of the figure as it was, pristine and crystalline, where the light would hit it and refract different colors across the room. Either way, it will never be the same. Nor will the damage to our psyche when the friends we have always believe in, for nearly ten years, give up on you. Do you remember the times as they were, or do you bother hurting yourself trying to piece together what was ? 

The secret lies not in your answer.
It's broken. Nothing you do will change that. All that's left is to turn away from the broken glass, and continue down the dark hallway, alone, as people leave you one by one. There are only a few left. How long until they break? 

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